Russian Hackers v.s D.N.C Party

Tens of thousands of hacked emails were released weeks before the election due cyber attacks on computers of Democratic party officials and their email accounts were compromised as well. This massive cyber attack conducted by the Russian hackers were confirmed by top intelligence agencies in U.S..

Due to little or no understanding of hacking the officials were warned by FBI agent but took no action and thought it was just a prank. D.N.C. network were comprised then later phishing was deployed to gain access to their email accounts. Emails were then released to public that led to  resignation of chairwoman of the D.N.C. due to dividing Bernie supporters and Clinton’s campaign.

This explains the deadly nature of cyber attacks conducted successfully. The U.S. needs protect its critical infrastructure such as power plants, electrical grids and its private sector from hackers.

Its vital for every elected American officials to understand the basic of computer security and the nature of cyber attacks as this will achieve awareness to secure our critical infrastructure.





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